what inspired us to come up with the next big hit in reality TV?

The founders story

Alex Muhlbach came up with the idea for Shark Mansion while living in hacker houses when he first moved out to Silicon Valley. He then joined a startup in Y Combinator and his love and passion for all things startups, entrepreneurship, and Silicon Valley only grew.


He then started a community based coworking coliving housing solution Crashpadz and gained more experience building communities and running properties with 25 guests per house.


Shark Mansion is a continuation of his goal to keep building communities with a focus on tech startups and entrepreneurship. He wants to incubate and help startup teams pitch and raise money, grow, learn, compete, and ultimately become as successful as possible!


The vision and ultimate goal for Shark Mansion is to produce the next big hit in reality TV!


Combining the success of two extremely popular shows the HBO series “Silicon Valley” and ABC show “Shark Tank.”


Shark Mansion seeks to combine the glorified fictitious show with Erlich Bachman running an incubator out of his home with REAL LIFE startup teams with real startup companies.

The success of Shark Tank validates and proves there is great interest in real companies pitching ideas for a shot at raising money from real investors. Silicon Valley proves there is great interest in the Silicon Valley Startup lifestyle. Together this new show will be a big success.


Statistics show the overwhelming interest in competition based reality TV shows such as The Apprentice, Master Chef, Survivor, American Idol, Shark Tank, and countless others so the probability of this show being the next big hit in reality TV is very high!

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