The vision and ultimate goal for Shark Mansion is to produce the next big hit in reality TV!


The vision and ultimate goal for Shark Mansion is to produce the next big hit in reality TV.

Combining the success of two extremely popular shows the HBO series “Silicon Valley” and ABC show “Shark Tank.”

Shark Mansion seeks to combine the glorified fictitious show with Erlich Bachman running an incubator out of his home with REAL LIFE startup teams with real startup companies.

The success of Shark Tank validates and proves there is great interest in real companies pitching ideas for a shot at raising money from real investors. Silicon Valley proves there is great interest in the Silicon Valley Startup lifestyle. Together this new show will be a big success.

Statistics show an overwhelming interest in competition based reality TV shows such as The Apprentice, Master Chef, Survivor, American Idol, Shark Tank, and countless others so the probability of this show being the next big hit in reality TV is very high given the success of the fictitious show Silicon Valley coupled with Shark Tank this show will be a blockbuster hit!

competitive environment

Startups apply to stay at Shark Mansion Property.
Startup teams are interviewed and selected for casting and production.
The show begins and the competition is on!

The Show

Post accelerator companies will apply to stay at the incubator with 2-4 cohorts a year. 

The startup teams will focus on 1-3 different industries to create a competition per cohort per industry/theme as well as best overall.

The show will capture all the drama and stressful moments startup teams endure to build their businesses and chase their dreams. 

Work hard play hard!

Investments will be made to top 3 best companies.

First overall will get 1M at same valuation as other participating Seed VC’s for that round, second place gets 500K, and third place gets 250k.



1st Place winner


2nd Place winner


3rd Place winner


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