Welcome to Shark Mansion

Where Startups come to Incubate Accelerate Compete Learn Network Raise Money Win


“Shark Mansion is a coworking coliving incubator for startups in which companies apply to live in the Shark Mansion property while trying to raise money post accelerator program.

Each cohort of companies is incubated and provided with the resources and connections they need to succeed.

Companies will compete to raise money and the production of a reality TV show will allow companies to get maximum exposure”


Startups need exposure and an affordable place to live while trying to raise money in Silicon Valley and also need help making connections with investors and customers Investors need access to the most promising early stage startup teams with the best ideas


The Solution to this problem would be to create the Shark Mansion property and reality TV show so startups can work together at the same incubator and compete in a vicious environment that will keep startup teams on their feet

“The goal is to push these small teams to their limits and create a competitive environment to bring out the best teams to investors thus giving them the best deals”

The show will be produced on a shoestring budget and will provide a competitive advantage over other startups in the same industry. A win win for both the investors and startup companies